How to get free Falcon in Battleground Mobile India?

No, there is not any trick to get free Falcon in Battleground Mobile India 2021.

There is not any official way to get free Falcon in BGMI for free. If you want to purchase you will need 660UC when Falcon is in discount.

What is Falcon in BGMI?

Falcon is a companion in BGMI which do lots of emotes. It sits on our character's shoulder and follow us anywhere we go.

According to the in-game description, the falcon will only be visible to the player and his allies. Therefore, one should not worry about being exposed to enemies for the sake of a friend.

In PUBG mobile global there is an event in which we have to collect 50 companion card to redeem Falcon for free but lots of player don't able to do that.

Don't worry I think 🤔 BGMI will release another update similar to that to collect companion card.

When new companion came to game Battlegrounds Mobile India will launch an event to get free companion.

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